Why Mikoko Gallery Center

Responsive Design

We create best web design for your company that suits your clients needs with efficiency

Quality Matters

All our projects undergo through process of quality approval checklists

Safety & Security

Our business care security of clients products and services to safeguard clients interest

24/7 Service

We are always available to help and support your ideas and dreams into reality

10 Years Working

About Mikoko Gallery Center

Center for Creativity & Innovation

At the early begining Mikoko Gallery Center opperates graphic design, video creation and photographing

Latter the center added more products such as movie production, Web Hosting, Web Design, App management, Educational Support Activities and Team Bonding ideas

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Our Works

Creative work for our clients

Team Bonding

Increase efficiency at your work place through creative art

Team building help stream line work, improve communication, build strength, help to create a sense of collective responsibility and provide a way of accepting ideas from the colleagues.

At Mikoko Gallery Center, we will endeavor to satisfy our clients team bonding activities, create fun, interesting activities both mental and physical.

Contact our team to arrange your booking at Email or Tel: +255 713 336 691.

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Arts, Craft and Entertainment

Our drama, theater and all forms of entertainment will amplify your soul, you will be impressed with the creativity and talents that is exhibited at the center.

We also offer unique opportunity to our clients out of the center such as online theater, schools, universities and other interested fans

We take on group booking or individual, please feel free to contact us on Email or Tel: + 255 713 336 691. Void stars you our dominion

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Hands on Work Activities

Shaping youth creativity and class perfomance

You will never run out activities at the center, we are unique in a way that we combined a wide pool of interesting activities to do of which include art and craft.

We can arrange a group or individual work skills to show you how its done. This is ideal for a group of team on a work project where you work as in an individual but participate as a group to complete the assigned task in time and as expected.

Please talk to our staff at Email or Tel: +255 713 336 691.

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School Tours

Travel Naturalist Program

We provide a learning experience at the center for school tours, students learn from a wide selection of interest including drama, theater skills, environmental protection, Creative Design, art and Craft.

This program provide unique learning ability to our young generation from age of 3 to age of 26. This program allows kids to learn and experience true wave of science and its impacts to their daily life and classes subjects.

What is specifically in the program? We are saying "Learning Science through Environment (LSE)" this means LSE protocal will provide your school kids or students a unique platform to be connected with nature while experience true color of science in Nature

The school activities are full of fun and a great learning experience. We take on orders for school all year round.

Please contact us at Email or Tel: +255 713 336 691.

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